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Arrival information

Dear attendees,

Shuttle transport has been arranged between Hengelo Railway Station and the conference venue Bad Boekelo for the arrival days. The first shuttle will depart from the railway station Monday afternoon around 15:00; subsequently, there will be regular shuttles until the last arrival. On Tuesday the shuttle will start ca 8:30.

If you want to make use of the shuttle, and haven’t told us yet, please let us know your approximate arrival time so we can plan the trips better.

To wait for the shuttle, go to the South exit (marked ‘X’ on the map below). Whenever the shuttle driver arrives, they will go to that spot, hold up a sign saying “ACE 2013 Shuttle”, and collect those of you waiting there.

To take a cab, go to the front of the station (marked on the map). Cab fares are approximately 27 euro for 1-4 persons.

There recently has been a derailed freight train which has resulted in severe damage to the rails network between Almelo and Hengelo. Current estimations for repairs state it will be resolved Monday. However, this might not be finished on Tuesday, in which case special NS-busses will be used to bring travellers to Hengelo Station, which might take twenty minutes or so longer.

We are looking forward to meeting you all at the conference,

best regards on behalf of the local organisation,

Dennis Reidsma

Yvonne Rogers Keynote

We are thrilled to announce our first Keynote speaker: Yvonne Rogers, well known for her fundamental work in Interaction Design, will present her work to the ACE community.

Extension for Regular Papers

Due to conflicting deadlines and the fact that people are now in the middle of an extensive examination period, we received many requests for a deadline extension.

Therefore the deadline has been extended to JUNE 12th